Finding Affordable Housing

With rent prices on the rise, finding affordable, safe housing can be a challenge for veterans and their families. We maintain relationships with the Department of Veterans Affairs and local housing and shelter organizations to make finding a home a reality for veterans. 

We provide veterans with outreach, case management, and assistance in obtaining VA and other benefits. In addition, we can provide time-limited financial assistance to third parties (such as landlords, moving companies, utility companies, and child care providers) to ease the transition to veterans paying for their housing.

Job Training for Civilian Careers

During their time in the military, veterans learn extremely specialized skills. While it may not initially seem like it, a lot of these skills are transferable to civilian careers. 

We set veterans up with the training they need to identify the next step in their career and how to apply their military skills.  Many veterans come to us with an idea of what type of career they want to pursue; for those that need more guidance, we help explain career paths and help them see how their skills can be applied to those paths.

We partner with local and government organizations to offer free trainings; and through a grant from the Department of Labor, we are able to fully fund advanced training so we can set our veterans up for a successful career.

In addition to providing training, we remove other barriers to success: we provide tools, work clothes, and even assist with transportation, through gas cards and bus passes.

Securing Employment

Once we have supplied veterans with the training they need to succeed in a civilian career of their choice, we help them find and secure jobs. We maintain partnerships with local veteran and felon-friendly employers. 

Our case managers help with every aspect of applying to a job, from finding job listings, to helping with resumes, to assisting during interviews (when necessary). 

Continuing Services

Our services do not stop once a veteran is housed and employed; we stay in touch with each veteran for up to a year after we have helped them find housing and employment to ensure that all of their needs continue to be met, and to continue addressing any barriers that may arise.