Referring Patients to Inpatient Trauma Treatment

A treating mental health provider must refer you or your loved one to the program. After discharge, you will need both a therapist and psychiatrist to provide your care. For any questions related to referrals, referral status, and inpatient admissions, providers can reach our admissions coordinator at 410-938-5078. 

The Trauma Disorders Program follows this inpatient admission process:

  1. The referring clinician begins the referral process by calling the admissions coordinator to receive the referral packet
  2. The referring clinician fills out the referral packet [PDF] and submits it via fax to 410-938-5079. Please be aware that, due to privacy concerns, we cannot accept completed referral packets by email. 
  3. The admissions coordinator may ask for additional information from your providers during the admissions evaluation. 
  4. The admissions coordinator notifies the referring provider about our admission decision. We base our decision on clinical findings, bed availability, and insurance status. 
  5. If the unit is full, we may need to place accepted patients on a waitlist. 

Insurance Coverage for Inpatient Admission

Sheppard Pratt participates in a variety of insurance programs. Because every individual’s policy is different, we verify all benefits before admission. We work with:

  • All major insurance plans (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, etc.) 
  • Many HMO networks
  • Most managed behavioral health plans
  • Medicare 
  • Maryland Medical Assistance Program

Out-of-state MA/Medicaid is usually not accepted as primary insurance by Sheppard Pratt Health System. In some cases, Sheppard Pratt has been able to make single case agreements with out-of-state MA/Medicaid programs.

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