Psychiatric Urgent Care - Baltimore/Washington

Psychiatric Urgent Care is specially designed for people who need an immediate psychiatric assessment and a referral to an appropriate level of psychiatric care.

All individuals are evaluated by a licensed clinician. Psychiatric Urgent Care serves people of all ages and is located at the Baltimore/Washington Campus. Those receiving services from Psychiatric Urgent Care must do so voluntarily, be medically stable, be free from drugs or alcohol, and be able to safely wait for evaluation in an outpatient clinic setting.

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Hope is Here

Compassionate, comprehensive mental healthcare is more accessible than ever before. Sheppard Pratt's new Baltimore/Washington Campus, located in the heart of Maryland, makes it easier than ever to access the help and hope that you deserve.

With psychiatric urgent care, five inpatient units, and four day hospitals, our new campus offers complete care for you and your loved ones - hope is here.