Residents spend a majority of their afternoons, evenings, and weekends on these units, so we strive to make them welcoming and comfortable while also keeping safety in mind. The units resemble a college dorm environment, with full kitchens, common areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Most residents share rooms, furnished with beds and shelves for clothes and personal items. Residents may decorate their rooms with pictures from home, provided they follow our guidelines, or they can create artwork while in our care.  

Our residential staff conduct groups several times a day to check in with residents, allow residents to share concerns and advocate for themselves, and to discuss topics important to a safe and collaborative living environment. Clinicians also conduct therapeutic groups on a wide range of topics to engage residents flexibly based on their needs. These groups allow residents opportunities to engage with each other to work on social skills, problem solving, and other positive behavior changes. On weekends, the units organize community outings whether it be a simple walk on our beautiful campus, or a group trip to nearby Baltimore. 

Due to COVID-19, residents' movements are restricted in order to keep a safe and healthy living environment. However, residents have helped to contribute to an enhanced activity schedule, while leaving the unit to participate in unit-only recreational activities.