We are uniquely equipped to support both general education and special education students in the same program, and we assess each student and determine the appropriate classes for each student upon admission. We meet our students at their level, ensuring that they are comfortable and can communicate appropriately so that learning comes easily and effectively. 

We prepare students for their futures, understanding that our students need more than what a traditional school can provide. We ensure that everything we do is educational, functional, and practical, providing our students with the tools they need to excel both at Sheppard Pratt School - Towson and when they return to their homes and communities.

Our school provides a wide range of classes just like a typical school, so when our students return to their home schools they can integrate seamlessly. We know that our students sometimes need additional support, and our occupational therapists (OTs) work with residents one-on-one throughout the day, teaching them functional and life skills. For example, you may find an OT cooking in the kitchen with a resident, imparting knowledge about healthy meals, budgeting for food, and cooking. 

We are fortunate to have an outstanding art program allowing our students to express themselves. We also offer students the opportunity to participate in sports teams – co-ed basketball, flag football, and volleyball. These programs foster a sense of accomplishment that builds self-esteem. Additionally, we have a library where students can check out the latest popular titles and a computer lab where students can work on their classwork.