During the admissions process, we meet with each new student and their family to evaluate the student’s needs and review their Individualized Education Program (IEP) to determine the best class placement for each student. 

Our students spend time in self-contained and general education classes based on their level of readiness. We believe helping students gain the tools they need to integrate into the larger school community. We meet our students at their level as we work on skills and strategies to support their transition in to the general education setting. 


Our students receive academic instruction from our special education teachers based on the Anne Arundel County Public School’s curriculum. The curriculum is differentiated by the student’s level and academic need. As students are ready, they are integrated into general education classrooms. Our educational assistants support students in general education classes as needed, and our staff collaborate with the general education staff for successful transitions. Our students receive necessary accommodations (identified in their IEPs) in all classes, and our team works with general education teachers to help them understand the best way to support our students. 

We create a welcoming atmosphere, incorporating interactive activities, sensory breaks, and functional learning throughout the day. The Anne Arundel County Public School curriculum is hands-on and practical, involving activities, manipulatives, and technology. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers, which allows our students and teachers access to the Internet for current events and supplemental teaching aids. Students can also earn computer time during the day. 

Integrative Learning

At Severn River Middle School, our students integrate fully with their peers for ENCORE classes, including physical education, art, foreign language and core academic classes based on their readiness. Students are fully integrated for lunch as well as all school wide events. Our students take part in after school extracurricular activities that can include art classes, sports, and more.  

Support and Services

We provide our students with structured and supportive opportunities to gain independence and manage behaviors. We use research-based practices, social thinking instruction, and sensory integration strategies to best meet the needs of our students. Staff use breaks throughout the day to respond to student’s need to process, organize, think clearly, and regulate anxiety. Students can choose between using fidget tools, listening to music, mindfulness activities, computer time, or other activities of their choice. Our students receive individual and/or group counseling weekly to help our students hone their communication, social, and coping skills as they prepare for their independent futures. Additionally, as specified in their IEPs, our students receive occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.    

Severn River Middle School is a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school, and we also use this incentive program in conjunction with the public school. When our students meet the school-wide expectations of respect, responsibility, and safety, the students earn “Shark Bucks” that they can redeem for items in the school store.