With the student-centered approach of Sheppard Pratt School in Glyndon, our students reach goals that had previously seemed unattainable. We work with them to promote independence and learning. Some students come to us for extra support and then transition back to their home schools or other less-restrictive placements, while others need the support that we provide through graduation.

We encourage parent participation and we regularly share information with families about our programs, Sheppard Pratt offerings, and resources throughout the Baltimore region. We strive to bring families together for added support through events such as our ice cream social/science fair, pizza bingo, parent connect, and more. 

Students in our programs are eligible to graduate with either a diploma or a certificate of completion, depending on the coursework they complete. We work together with each student and family to determine the appropriate academic track for each student. Those who qualify can receive college credit by taking classes at the local community college, and we assist with all aspects of the process. 

As students approach graduation, we work closely with each family to make sure that they have access to the services and resources that will foster a smooth transition to adulthood and independence. We connect our families with agencies providing job placement services and housing options, two-and-four-year colleges, and more. Our graduates remain connected to us as well, and many attend popular alumni events that are held each year.