When completing a Project SEARCH internship, our interns become skilled at: 

  • Good attendance and punctuality
  • Following directions
  • Working independently
  • Working cooperatively with team members
  • Maintaining a consistently positive attitude

At Project SEARCH, we work to provide our students with a total work immersion experience so that they’re prepared to enter the workplace upon graduation with the above characteristics and more.

Through our program, our students report to a host business five days a week to acquire employability skills while participating in a variety of internships. From these experiences, our interns will possess the jobs skills needed to confidently fill entry-level positions for businesses like yours, significantly decreasing high turnover rates among the entry-level employee population.

In service to those businesses that hire a graduated Project SEARCH intern, we work to provide the new hire with extra support during the training process, including providing transportation from home to the job site. Our goal is to ensure that both the business and employee feel comfortable and confident.