We aim to arm community providers with the knowledge, skills, and training needed to care for patients with opioid addiction. 

Through our provider training and education services, we offer:

  • Provider education and DATA 2000 waiver trainings: to expand access to Medication-Assisted Treatment throughout the Baltimore County region
  • Hub-and-Spoke OUD Model trainings: to inform providers on how to fully utilize the network to integrate and coordinate care
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment overview: a training designed to educate providers on the benefits and best practices around integrated treatment of mental health and substance use disorders. This training covers stages of change, motivational interviewing skills, and an overview of harm reduction vs. abstinence
  • Medication induction training: providers will learn induction protocols for buprenorphine and other medications

In addition to training and education, our team offers free consultations. We can provide individual consultations with an addiction psychiatrist as well as monthly group consultations addressing frequent treatment issues.

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