Sheppard Pratt is a Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) national training site. We offer on-site, live training courses to schools and mental health programs throughout the state of Maryland. Sheppard Pratt’s Master LSCI Trainer, Abby Potter, travels to you to help you and your team become trauma-informed and, most importantly, trauma-responsive.

It is a best practice for school professionals to be given the facts about trauma and its impact on the brain and learning. Often times, a student engages in a specific behavior in an attempt to communicate to school personnel that he/she/they are experiencing emotional pain. LSCI training equips school and mental health professionals with the skill set needed for responding, rather than reacting, to behaviors in the moment.   

What is Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI)?

LSCI is a professional training program that teaches non-physical intervention techniques; it is a verbal de-escalation strategy for resolving crisis situations. Through using LSCI techniques, these crisis situations can be turned into learning opportunities for children and youth. LSCI is particularly helpful for youth with patterns of self-defeating behaviors.

Who Should Take LSCI Training?

Educators, counselors, parents, and other adults who work with troubled youth can benefit from participating in LSCI training. During LSCI training, you will learn how to turn crisis situations into teaching opportunities. You will also get a cognitive roadmap to working through tough situations with youth.

When you participate in LSCI training, you will learn how to best work with youth who:

  • Act out while stressed
  • Are purposely aggressive
  • Make bad decisions based in distorted thinking
  • Act out impulsively
  • Lack social skills
  • Engage in destructive relationships with peers

Learn more about LSCI training at the Life Space Crisis Intervention website.