Get support from others who know what it’s like.

The OCD & Anxiety Center offers a support group option for those interested in learning more about OCD and its treatment with the support of others who understand.

Our Adult OCD Treatment/Support Group combines CBT, ERP, and mindfulness-based treatment with peer support. Brush up on your skills, set ERP goals, and learn to master your OCD with the support and encouragement of other OCD sufferers on the same journey. 


CBT skills and support group for adults with OCD. This group is led by Molly Schiffer, LCPC.


Every alternate Tuesday at 6:30.


This group meets every alternate Tuesday at 6:30 for one hour. Groups are being held virtually due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


$40/session, paid two sessions at a time ($80/month).

What to expect?

  • Strengthen your OCD- and anxiety-mastering skills with CBT/ERP and mindfulness
  • Support from peers with OCD
  • Set homework goals and get encouragement and support
  • Maintain your gains post-treatment or build up your resolve while in treatment

An assessment session is required for individuals who are not current clients of The OCD & Anxiety Center. Contact us for more information.