OCD is a treatable disorder. It is not some strange thing only a few people suffer from that nobody knows how to address.

Treatment for OCD and Related Disorders at The Center for OCD and Anxiety

  • Weekly outpatient therapy (45-50 minutes)
  • Weekly therapy/support group for adults with OCD
  • Psychoeducational support group for family members of OCD sufferers
  • Accelerated/intensive ERP at an outpatient level (multiple hours, extended sessions, and/or multiple days/week)
  • Teletherapy via HIPAA-compliant audio/video platform 
  • Family and individual OCD education consultations
  • Professional consultation

Jon Hershfield, MFT is licensed in the states of Maryland, Virginia, California, and Pennsylvania. He sees clients locally both in Towson and online. Brenda Kijesky, LCMFTMolly Schiffer, LCPC, and Rebecca Billerio-Riff, LMSW see clients in our Towson office and via teletherapy throughout the state of Maryland.   

Meet our therapists specializing in OCD.