School Work

Although the Day Hospital is open Monday – Friday, there is no school component to our programming. We recommend that you work directly with your child’s school to arrange any make-up schoolwork; please plan to have your child complete their make-up schoolwork at home.

Dress Code

We have a dress code in order to minimize distractions. The following types of clothing are not permitted; if your child is wearing one of the following types of clothing, we will ask them to change, cover their clothes, or turn their clothes inside out:

  • Clothing with skulls or skeletons

  • Clothing that shows too much skin, including crop tops, tank tops, ‘short shorts’, and short skirts

  • Pajama pants

  • Pants showing boxers or underwear

  • See-through clothing


Your child will eat lunch at the Day Hospital each day. You are responsible for providing your child with a bag lunch; please do not send money, as your child will not be able to purchase food. Glass bottles and metal containers are not allowed. We do not have a microwave available for patient use; please do not send any food that needs to be microwaved.