Referral Sources

Most adolescents come to us from the Sheppard Pratt Psychiatric Urgent Care. Others come to us as a step-down from one of Sheppard Pratt’s inpatient units, or through a referral from an outside clinician. All patients must be seen by a clinician within the 24 hours preceding their admission to the Day Hospital.

Admissions Process

During the admissions process, you, the parent/guardian, must be present; the process generally takes one to two hours, so please plan your day accordingly. You will fill out paperwork during the admissions process, and then you will meet with one of our experienced, compassionate social workers. The social worker will ask questions to get background information about your child, and to better understand the problem and/or situation that brought your child into our care.

At this time, you can also fill out transportation paperwork to see if your child qualifies for transportation services to and from the day hospital. Qualification for transportation services is dependent solely on location. If your child does qualify, they will be able to use Sheppard Pratt transportation that afternoon.