We offer outpatient TMS for adults with depression. If antidepressant medications and talk therapy haven't worked for you, it might be time to try TMS.

We care for adults with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder (recurrent, severe, or single episode – severe), and many major insurance providers cover services.

Effective Treatment for Depression: TMS at Sheppard Pratt

What is TMS?

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is a safe, effective, and non-invasive approach for treating depression. TMS was FDA-approved to treat major depressive disorder in 2008 and Sheppard Pratt was one of the first organizations in the nation to offer TMS.


If medication and therapy haven't worked for you, it might be time to try TMS.

How does TMS work?

Science suggests that depression is caused by underactive areas of the brain thought to regulate mood. TMS therapy uses a highly focused and precise, pulsed magnetic field to stimulate these regions of the brain. Patients come in for a brief session every weekday for about six weeks.  

What does TMS feel like?

The TMS treatment coil delivers a series of rapid pulses that may feel like a tapping on the scalp. Some people describe the sensation as not bothersome, while others may describe it as feeling like a woodpecker might be tapping on their scalp. Most people find that TMS does not cause any notable discomfort. Those who report any pain usually find that this resolves within the first week of treatment. 

Is TMS safe?

Yes! TMS has been FDA-cleared since 2008. At Sheppard Pratt, we've provided more than 14,000 TMS treatments, helping hundreds of people get better from depression.

What should I expect?

We offer outpatient TMS, meaning that you do not have to be in the hospital to receive TMS therapy. Here is what you can expect from a typical TMS course of treatment at Sheppard Pratt:

- A comprehensive evaluation with one of our expert psychiatrists to ensure that TMS is the right option for you

- A motor threshold determination to find the dose or strength of TMS that is precise and right just for you

- A cortical mapping of the brain region to be treated to make sure the TMS coil is placed on the head in the spot just right for you

- 30-36 treatments administered 5 days/week; patients come in daily, Monday - Friday

- Treatment length can vary, but on average an appointment is about 20 minutes long

Why choose Sheppard Pratt for TMS for depression?

Benefits of TMS: Is TMS Right For You?

TMS is Safe and Effective

TMS has been FDA-cleared since 2008. More than 50% of people who try TMS will experience improvement in their depression symptoms.

Minimal Side Effects

TMS is not a medication. People who experience side effects usually find that they go away after the first week of treatment. Side effects, which are minor, can include:

- Mild scalp pain

- Headaches

- Painless muscle twitching

- Eye, face, or tooth discomfort 

No Downtime

There's no anesthesia - meaning you can drive yourself to appointments and get right back to your day once your appointment is over.

TMS is Often Covered by Insurance

Many health insurance providers cover TMS treatment for major depressive disorder! Our team will verify benefits with your insurance before you begin treatment.

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