Investigators are eligible to submit a study for consideration if all of the following criteria are met.  

1. The investigator must be an employee of Sheppard Pratt, the Sheppard Pratt Physicians Practice Association, or one of the Sheppard Pratt Community agencies. Investigators in a student role, Sheppard Pratt contractors and courtesy staff may have their projects considered as long as there is a designated SP supervisor who will oversee the study at SP.

The SP investigator will be required to:

a. Submit all pre-approval documents to the SP Grants Manager.  

b. Upload all materials for the SP Local Review Research Committee (LRRC) or the SP Institutional Review Board (IRB) in IRBNet.  

If the SP investigator is a co-investigator on a multi-site study, or a co-investigator on a study that is led by an investigator affiliated with another institution, the SP investigator must have adequate time and resources to ensure that all human subject protections are in place and that the study is completed at SP according to the IRB approved protocol.

The SP investigator will be responsible for all communication between the overall principal investigator(s), and the SP LRRC or the SP IRB.

The SP investigator must be qualified to serve in the SP investigator role for this study as determined by the SP LRRC or the SP IRB

The SP investigator will comply with the responsibilities outlined in the SP IRB policies.  

If the project is deferred to an external IRB, the SP investigator must also comply with the IRB reliance agreement, study contract, and any other applicable documents as dictated by the external IRB, overall principal investigator, coordinating center and/or study sponsor.

2. The study has received pre-approval at SP to submit to the SP LRRC or SP IRB.  

3. The study to be reviewed meets the OHRP definition of research: a systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.

For any questions about eligibility to submit, please contact Jennifer Sklar at 410-938-3136.