Admissions Process

Admission to the inpatient program is based on assessment of a variety of clinical criteria to ensure the patient's needs will be met by our services. Our admissions coordinator, along with medical staff, conducts a comprehensive assessment of the needs of each patient seeking admission, based on materials sent by the outpatient treating clinician/team.

The admissions coordinator is the point of contact for all issues related to referrals. Any questions/concerns regarding referral status should be directed to the admissions coordinator at the number provided below.

Please note: All patients must have an outpatient treatment team (therapist & psychiatrist) prior to admission with whom they can continue to work upon discharge.

Referral Process:

  • The treating clinician must refer a prospective patient through personal phone contact with the admissions coordinator. The coordinator can be contacted at (410) 938-5078, or 1-800-627-0330 x5078.
  • Each treating clinician must then fill out and submit via fax the referral packet. Our fax number is 410-938-5079. Please note that our email is not encrypted; submit the referral packet via fax only.
  • The admissions coordinator will gather demographic and clinical information for purposes of intake screening.
  • The admissions coordinator will promptly notify the referrer whether the patient has been accepted based on clinical appropriateness, bed availability, and insurance status. 

Click here to download the referral packet. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat.