Trauma Disorders Program

Medical Director: Richard J. Loewenstein, M.D.

Service Chief: Susan B. Wait, M.D.

Unit Manager: Heather Billings, R.N.

Phone Number: 410-938-3584

The Trauma Disorders Program is a nationally and internationally recognized program for the treatment of individuals with trauma-related conditions including dissociative disorders and other complex post-traumatic conditions. Our program utilizes an intensive multi-disciplinary treatment approach through individual therapy, milieu therapy, and process-oriented, experiential, and psycho-educational group therapies.

Trauma.jpgOur expertly-trained treatment team, led by Richard Loewenstein, M.D., includes doctors, therapists, social
workers, nurses, and occupational, and art therapists, who all specialize in the treatment of traumatized individuals. We provide a structured and supportive environment, with a focus on safety and stabilization, so that the patient is able to step down to other levels of care, both in our continuum and in home communities. We are primarily an inpatient unit, with limited outpatient services available for local patients only.

Our approach to treatment includes:

  • A multi-disciplinary treatment team consisting of an attending psychiatrist, an individual therapist, a social worker, as well as members of our nursing, art, and occupational therapy staff 
  • An individualized treatment plan that is formulated through a comprehensive assessment of the patient, a consultation with the referral source, and observation by the treatment team - the goal of this treatment plan is to promote the individual’s strengths and to teach new skills within our milieu 
  • Group and milieu therapies, including individual therapy, intensive group therapy, family/couples therapy, expressive, and experiential groups (art therapy, journal, and creative writing), along with psycho-pharmacological interventions 
  • Within the above modalities, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral (CBT), and dialectical behavioral (DBT) therapies are used 
  • Telephone contact with the referring clinician and treatment team members to encourage continuity of care

Our specialized care is incorporated into every aspect of our inpatient services. Admission to our program is based on an assessment of a variety of clinical criteria to assure that our services are appropriate for the individual. While an outpatient consultation is not necessary prior to admission, all patients must have an outpatient treatment team (therapist and psychiatrist) prior to admission with whom they can continue to work upon discharge. Please visit The Trauma Disorders Program’s website for more information.


Trauma Disorders Program at Sheppard Pratt Post Docs

Our newest therapists: Kaycee Beglau, Stacey Boyer, and Kenneth Davis.


“This place saved my life. I cannot come up with words strong enough to totally convey how incredibly competent my treatment team…”

-Brandon N. Trauma Disorders Program