Adult Neuropsychiatric Unit – Towson

Medical Director: Sunil Khushalani, M.D.

Service Chief: Robert Wisner-Carlson, M.D.

Unit Director: Jacqueline Williams-Porter, R.N.

Admission Information: 410-938-3800

The Adult Neuropsychiatric Unit is a 7-bed, specialized crisis stabilization unit that serves adults with severe developmental and comorbid psychiatric disorders. Our focus is on short-term stays and stabilization for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with an average length of stay of two weeks.

Our treatment team is comprised of medical professionals who specialize in neuropsychiatry, applied behavior analysis, sensory processing, and in teaching new skills and adaptive behaviors. Patients are provided individualized plans based on their specific needs. Our team works with caregivers and outpatient providers to generalize treatment outcomes to the patient's home environment. 

Within this unit, we offer a combined pharmacological and applied behavioral analytic approach in assessing challenging behaviors while applying effective treatment options. We also offer specialized groups and intervention to help patients learn how to express their emotions, improve their ability to focus on tasks, and increase their ability to recognize and express positive feelings. Patients admitted to this unit learn to develop and practice safe and positive social skills, in addition to working on improved sensory processing. We also educate on the importance of healthy hygiene and nutrition habits.

Participation in group activities is an integral part of recovery for most patients on this unit, as it indicates that the patient is engaged in treatment, and gives the treatment team an idea of how the patient is able to cope with social stressors and demands once they return to the community. Programs and group activities provided on this unit include:

  • Goal setting 
  • Exercise 
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Stress management 
  • Healthy hygiene and nutrition 
  • Medication education 
  • Coping skills 
  • Personal safety planning 
  • Leisure skill development

“Staff was among the best in the country, and every day it showed. I looked forward to waking up every day.”


-Former Patient