Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Unit – Towson

Medical Director: Sunil Khushalani, M.D.

Service Chief: Robert Wisner-Carlson, M.D.

Unit Director: Nicole Nugent-Gyesie, R.N.

Admission Information: 410-938-3800

Visiting Hours: 5 - 7 p.m. daily

The Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Unit is a 7-bed, specialized crisis stabilization unit serving adults with severe developmental disabilities and comorbid psychiatric disorders.

Our specialized unit utilizes a combined pharmacological and applied behavioral analytic approach in assessing challenging behaviors while applying effective treatment options. Our treatment team consists of members who specialize in neuropsychiatry, applied behavior analysis, sensory processing, and in teaching new skills and adaptive behaviors. Patients are provided individualized plans based on their needs. Our team works with caregivers and outpatient providers to generalize treatment outcomes to the patient's home environment. 

Our goal is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment in which patients are able to thrive and overcome behavioral challenges. The average length of stay is approximately two weeks.

“Staff was among the best in the country, and every day it showed. I looked forward to waking up every day.”


-Former Patient