We begin planning for discharge at the beginning of each individual’s stay; our goal is to get your loved one back into the community as soon as possible. We have a dedicated discharge coordinator on our treatment team. They are responsible for building an individualized discharge plan to ensure your loved one’s mental health needs are met once they are out of the hospital.

Discharge Timeline

Patient progress and readiness for discharge is not always linear. We do our best to give you approximately 24 hours’ notice prior to your loved one’s discharge. You will receive a discharge instruction sheet with details about your loved one’s discharge plan.

Continuing Care

Many of those we treat will return to a group home when they leave the hospital; our treatment team will work with the team at the group home to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of care. For those who are returning home to an existing outpatient team, we will work directly with the outpatient provider to update them on the patient’s progress. If your loved one does not have an existing outpatient team, we will arrange appointments with a trusted outpatient psychiatrist or therapist who works with your insurance and/or medical assistance; these appointments will take place within seven days of discharge.