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True Confessions of a Social Worker


I drink coffee. A lot of it. I’ve considered intravenous coffee.

I admit it:

Sometimes I need some extra motivation throughout the course of my day.

Do you know what I mean? Are ya feelin’ me??

But here’s the BIG ONE: 

When I need a distraction from work and life, I enjoy watching YouTube videos. Yeah, I said it. You. Tube. It’s in my Wellness Toolbox.

I have watched everything from makeup tutorials, to dog training videos, to making the best chili. Mind-numbing. 

But then...I came across TED talks. Whoa. What in the sweet world? These videos are funny, entertaining, AND educational and inspirational.

15 minutes a day. I challenge you to go to YouTube, search ‘TED talks,’ and pick from a variety of topics. Healthy eating, addiction, time management, parenting. The list goes on. The possibilities are endless. Watch one while you’re eating your bean sprout salad at lunch. 

But, my all-time favorites are the TED talks specific to Social Work. They speak to my heart. They resonate in that place in my mind that wants to “fix” all that is wrong in this world. They lift me back up from the depths of despair that all Social Workers fall into at some point.

I grab my coffee cup (refer to opening statement), kick my feet up on my desk (joke...maybe), and I get my inspiration on.

Brene Brown is (in my opinion) a Rock Star social worker. She inspires me. She has been on Oprah. Her quotes are on Pinterest. And, she has numerous TED talks. Check out her talks on shame and vulnerability. You will thank me. 

And the TED talk that ranks as my #1 go to: Anna Scheyett. Watch it. SEVEN MINUTES. I will make it easy; click here for the link. 

You’re gonna need that super hero cape now, aren’t you?

Okay, let’s wrap it up. Here is what you need to remember: 

  • We need coffee to survive.
  • TED talks are where it’s at.
  • We are Social Workers. It’s our super power. Every person we come across has a super power; they just need a fellow Super Hero to help them recognize it. Share your power.
  • We are Super Heroes.

Pamela Fradiska is an LCSW-C in the Emotional Disabilities program at The Jefferson School at Finan Center. She graduated from West Virginia University (G'o 'Eers!) and has worked in the mental health field for 19 years. She is the married mother of three amazing children, one dog, and two cats. She is passionate about Social Work and loves her job!