Young Adult Unit - Baltimore/Washington

The Young Adult Unit at Sheppard Pratt - Baltimore/Washington Campus is a safe and welcoming 17-bed inpatient unit that is specially designed for the treatment of adults ages 18 to 30 with a mental illness. The unit is designed for crisis stabilization; our goal is to move individuals to a less-intensive level of care as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Individuals generally come to our unit for care when their behavior has become problematic or unsafe at home, when there is a family dispute, when substance use is a severe issue, or when they are experiencing their first psychotic break. In general, we treat individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, first-break psychosis, and/or co-occurring substance use, just to name a few. We know this can be a scary time and cause increased anxiety for both patients and their families and friends, and for many, this is their first hospitalization due to a mental illness. Our experts are here to help, and serve as a source of guidance and comfort.

Hope is Here

Compassionate, comprehensive mental healthcare is more accessible than ever before. Sheppard Pratt's new Baltimore/Washington Campus, located in the heart of Maryland, makes it easier than ever to access the help and hope that you deserve.

With psychiatric urgent care, five inpatient units, and four day hospitals, our new campus offers complete care for you and your loved ones - hope is here.