Learn about the comprehensive components of Sheppard Pratt’s outpatient psychiatric evaluations.

World-renowned psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinicians perform each diagnostic evaluation and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Find the Answers - and a Path Forward

If your patient has been struggling with their mental health and not getting better, it may be time for a second opinion. 

Sheppard Pratt’s multi-disciplinary team offers a thorough, three-day diagnostic evaluation and consultation to determine an accurate diagnosis – and develop an effective plan and path forward, customized to your patient’s distinct needs.

A second opinion from one of the top mental health systems in the nation.

For many, it can take upwards of a decade to arrive at the right mental health diagnosis. Others are incorrectly diagnosed, left with a care plan that isn’t effective for them. That’s where Sheppard Pratt comes in. Our team of experts complete a Comprehensive Outpatient Psychiatric Evaluation to provide patients with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that works.

About Our Psychiatric Evaluation Program

Our comprehensive, self-pay, three-day evaluation provides patients with an accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Each evaluation is personalized based on the patient’s distinct life circumstances and needs, but can include a psychiatric evaluation, specialty evaluations, psychosocial assessments, occupational therapy assessments, lab work, and more.

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