We provide intensive casework and case management services, beginning with a comprehensive family risk assessment every person living in the household.  

Once needs are identified, we develop a separate intervention plan for each family member to assist each individual in meeting their goals, offering concrete steps towards problem resolution. Through our comprehensive offerings, we aim to remove any barriers that may hinder families from becoming successful, contributing members of the community. We engage in regular home visits with consistent and routine follow-up, advocacy, and outreach, making sure that we not only provide resources, but that our families are able to access them and get the support they need.  

Service Areas

Behavioral Health

We care about the whole family and we want our students and families to be healthy, both physically and emotionally. We facilitate connections and make appropriate referrals to integrated behavioral health services that address mental health concerns, substance abuse, trauma, and crisis intervention.  

Health and Wellness

Caring for the whole family continues with physical health services and we ensure that our families have access to general health, vision, and dental services. If needed, we connect our families to a health home, and provide resources and education for preventative care and chronic disease management. Keeping our families healthy also includes linking families with violence prevention resources and following up to confirm that family members attend and keep up with their medical appointments, prescriptions, and follow-up care.    

Early Care, Education, and Academic Achievement

Our family service coordinators work with each individual in the family to help identify needs for improvement in all areas of early intervention and education, and then work to connect each individual to the appropriate services, classes, and resources to increase their success. Each family’s needs are different, but families often benefit from career and job coaching, literacy classes, after school activities, parenting classes, homework help and tutoring, early childhood development classes, and more. Additionally, Thriving Germantown provides free English as a second or foreign language (ESOL) classes at Daly and Clopper Mill for the entire community.   

Household Sustainability

Many of our families need help navigating the complex system of social services that are available to them in order to stay healthy and strong as families. We help families understand the resources are available to them, and assist them in obtaining and using those services. Through our comprehensive program, they gain the knowledge they need to obtain legal and immigration services, housing and utility assistance, food and clothing assistance, supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), transportation assistance, and more.

Community Advisory Meetings

Daly and Clopper Mill families are excited to have Thriving Germantown at their school. They take pride in being a part of the program by attending Community Advisor Meetings. At these meetings, our families let us know what is happening in their neighborhoods, what emergent needs they have, and what programs are most successful. Parents expressed interest in additional ESOL classes, and safety programs from their children. It is encouraging to see positive feedback from our families as we continue to grow our program.