Our campus has the feel of a traditional school with a calm, supportive, and inspirational environment that equips our teachers, service providers, and aides with the resources and technology they need to help our students reach and exceed their potential. We meet our students at their level, ensuring that they are comfortable and can communicate appropriately so that learning, both behaviorally and academically, comes more easily and effectively. 

When students arrive at Sheppard Pratt School in Rockville, they are welcomed into our community immediately. We know that starting a new school can be difficult, and we strive to make Frost feel like a family. Our campus is full of vibrant classrooms, therapeutic locations, multi-purpose areas, and more that function seamlessly to allow our experienced team to support our students in any way that they need.  

We are home to four distinct programs. While our programs are run separately, we are one school, and many of our facilities, team members, and services are shared. This allows for smooth transitions between programs, and also helps our students build relationships throughout the school.  

Lower and Middle School Program

The Lower and Middle School program provides special education instruction in both self-contained and content-based classrooms for students in grades one through eight. Using a multidisciplinary approach to learning, the Lower and Middle School program combines academic instruction and behavioral and therapeutic approaches in the classroom. By utilizing this model, we foster a structured, predictable, and supportive environment that enables our students to succeed both academically and socially.  

Therapeutic Community and Lodge Program

Our Therapeutic Community and Lodge Program serves high school-aged students utilizing a therapeutic community model. With small class sizes focusing on academics, behavior management, crisis intervention, and individualized instruction, these programs have successfully stabilized and educated adolescents who otherwise were struggling. The model incorporates special education and integrated group and individual counseling, individualized academic and therapeutic support, family counseling, and psychiatric services conducted by special educators, licensed social workers, counselors, and psychologists. Students are taught communication, personal accountability, problem solving, conflict resolution, and relationship building skills through the daily group counseling sessions, individual counseling, and community meetings. In addition, we offer related services, vocational training and internship opportunities, and transition services for students starting middle and high school. The program primarily serves students who have emotional and behavioral disabilities, and high functioning autism spectrum disorders. The Therapeutic Community and Lodge Program is also appropriate for students with learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, mild intellectual disabilities, or attention deficit disorders, whose problem solving, social, and communication skills impede their ability to grasp the curriculum in a general education setting. 

Oakmont Primary Program

Our Oakmont Primary Program serves students ages six through 15 with autism spectrum disorder and related disorders who benefit from highly structured, self-contained classrooms. Students are grouped according to age, social skills, behavioral needs, and abilities. Our low staff-to-student ratio ensures students are working alongside peers in a supportive environment. The Oakmont Primary environment provides a hands-on environment focused on teaching functional, academic, social, and daily living skills. Our instructors use a variety of strategies including group instruction, discrete trial, direct instruction, naturalistic instruction, play-based instruction, motor skills development, sensory integration strategies, natural aided language stimulation, and positive behavioral support. We work on generalizing skills learned at school to other environments during our weekly, community-based outings. In addition, we offer cooking instruction, physical education, social skills, digital literacy, art, and drama/music/dance on a weekly basis. We also practice skills in the classroom using large and small group instruction as well as one-on-one teaching and focus on teaching our students to be as independent as possible. 

Although Sheppard Pratt's school in Rockville provides services through high school, the high school programs are diploma-based programs. For those students needing a certificate-track program, Sheppard Pratt School - Gaithersburg, located on a separate campus in nearby Gaithersburg, Md, is a natural transition when they reach 9th grade. At Sheppard Pratt, we want to ensure that our students receive the best education and have the option to stay within the Sheppard Pratt continuum of care. Sheppard Pratt's School in Gaithersburg provides specialized services similar to those provided at Oakmont Primary that are not available at the Rockville school for older students.

Oakmont Secondary Program

Our Oakmont Secondary Program is a structured program for students with autism spectrum disorder in middle school and high school who are on a diploma track. Oakmont Secondary students benefit from small class sizes, individualized instruction, individualized and group counseling, social skills, resource support, vocational and daily living skills, and academic support. All Oakmont Secondary students take part in a behavior motivational system that incorporates high levels of positive reinforcement.