Our 96 housing locations include apartments, townhouses, and individual and group homes. We determine the number of occupants for each housing option based on the level of services needed by the residents, as well as the necessary staff-to-resident ratio. 

Residential staff members meet with you to assess what level of housing and support services you need. We provide:

Supported housing

This type of housing is appropriate for people who can manage most of their mental health and other needs on their own. Through supported housing, residents can access drop-in staff support while living in their own home or Sheppard Pratt housing.

General housing

You or a loved one may need staff support on a more consistent basis. In our general housing, we can provide crisis intervention services at any time of day or night. Core Service Agencies, which promote mental health services in Maryland, authorize and refer residents to general housing. 

Intensive housing

We provide intensive housing for individuals who require significant staff support ranging from 40 hours a week to 24 hours a day. Core Service Agencies authorize and refer residents to intensive housing. 

Residential crisis services

Our goal is to help you or your loved one safely transition to the housing environment that meets your needs. We offer a range of services to promote a safe transition and avoid homelessness or hospitalization. 

Our residential crisis services provide an intensive, heavily staffed environment to provide stability for residents. This short-term housing helps people re-enter their community.

Mosaic Community Services' Residential Rehabilitation Program is approved by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Mosaic Community Services is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.