When your child is staying on our inpatient unit, they will receive a wide variety of treatment aimed at helping them get through their current crisis and return to their home environment. The entire inpatient experience is designed to be therapeutic; our compassionate team focuses on fostering a safe, trusting environment and providing positive reinforcement. We also utilize aspects of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in our programming.

Types of Treatment

During their stay, each adolescent can expect to receive:

  • Daily medication management and meetings with a healthcare professional

  • Art therapy

  • Therapeutic and psychoeducational groups, including:

    • Substance use education

    • Diagnosis education

    • Medication education

    • Verbal expression

    • Positive thinking

  • Daily opportunities for exercise, on the unit and in the gymnasium

  • Dialectical behavior therapy skills groups

  • Family session with social worker


In addition to daily therapeutic programming, we provide all meals and snacks;  if your child has any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to accommodate them.

Length of Stay

On average, adolescents stay with us for 10 days; some do not need as much time to stabilize, and others need more time.