Referral Sources

Adolescents can be referred to our unit through the emergency room of any hospital or through one of our Psychiatric Urgent Cares.

While schools themselves do not refer patients, many patients come into our care when a school guidance counselor recognizes a student in crisis. School guidance counselors are encouraged to direct families to the Psychiatric Urgent Care, where our team of skilled clinicians will complete a psychiatric evaluation and determine if an inpatient stay is the best next step. 

Admissions Process

Once an adolescent has been referred from one of these sources, meets our admissions criteria, and we have a bed available, we will admit them to the unit. Upon arrival to the unit, we will complete psychiatric and psychosocial evaluations with the parent/guardian present (when possible); parents/guardians are very helpful when it comes to learning about the adolescent and designing an individualized course of treatment.

We will also complete a skin assessment and safety search during the intake process to ensure that the adolescent has not been experiencing any physical harm and is not bringing any contraband items onto the unit.

After the intake process, each patient will get a tour of the unit and their bedroom/bathroom; then, we introduce them to their treatment group so they can become comfortable in their new environment as quickly as possible.