Sheppard Pratt Health System Today

Today, Sheppard Pratt Health System is much more than just a single hospital on the Towson campus. We are Maryland’s largest private provider of mental health, special education, and substance abuse services, with more than 2,700 employees and 34 programs in 38 locations. We are ranked nationally as the sixth best psychiatric facility by U.S. News and World Report.  We still take the same patient-centered approach to care, providing our patients with a continuum of care that, with the help of our affiliates, can include inpatient hospitalization, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient referrals, special education programs, and housing and rehabilitation services, as needed. In 2014, Sheppard Pratt Health System provided mental health services to more than 77,000 individuals and families.

With more than 161 years of quality mental health treatment, Sheppard Pratt Health System is poised to expand and continue to grow into the 21st century and will continue to deliver the full continuum of mental health services for individuals and families in need. 

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We provide a full range of treatment options in 38 locations throughout Maryland. 

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