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Sheppard Pratt Hosts Virtual “Lunch & Learn” Series for Mental Health Awareness Month


Sheppard Pratt today announced its virtual “Lunch & Learn with Sheppard Pratt” series to provide tips and resources to support people’s mental health needs during these uncertain times. These virtual lunch dates with Sheppard Pratt experts will be held on Fridays at noon at during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month. Each Friday, a Sheppard Pratt expert will speak for 20 minutes about a mental health topic and then answer questions submitted via the Facebook Live comment feed.

Sheppard Pratt’s Lunch and Learn Series was created as a means to provide the public with additional mental health education, resources, and practical tips, especially as COVID-19 has caused increased anxiety and challenges for individuals who are struggling to cope with a pandemic of this magnitude.

“We understand that people are experiencing heightened anxiety during these uncertain times,” said Todd Peters, MD, VP and chief medical officer of Sheppard Pratt. “We want people to have the tools they need to thrive as well as provide a forum for open and honest conversations about mental health.”

See below for the complete Sheppard Pratt Lunch and Learn schedule:

May 1 Mindfulness – Andrea Gottlieb, PhD, psychologist 

Mindfulness has evolved to the practice of learning to be present, not worrying about what is around you, or becoming too overwhelmed by what is happening. During this session, participants will learn how mindfulness can be a powerful tool to help press pause and regroup when anxieties threaten to overwhelm you. 

May 8 Art Therapy – Katherine O'Doherty, MA, LCPAT, ATR-BC, art therapist

Art therapy is the use of creative forms of expression to explore one's feelings, thoughts, concerns, and problems. During this session, participants will learn how art therapy can be beneficial to their mental health and how art and wellness can be incorporated into daily practice. O’Doherty will also share a suggested activity for others to model. 

May 15 Understanding and Managing Anxiety – Jon Hershfield, MFT, director of the OCD & Anxiety Center

The response to COVID-19 has brought many people out of their comfort zones and routines while also generating anxiety. Participants will work to understand their anxiety during these uncertain times while also learning some tips on how to manage it. 

May 29 Mental Health First-Aid – Jeff Richardson, LCSW, MBA, VP & COO of Community Services

Mental Health First Aid teaches basic care techniques and resources that won’t just impact your own mental health, but other’s health as well. Participants will learn tips and techniques aimed at providing mental health support for themselves and members of their community.

About Sheppard Pratt

Sheppard Pratt is the largest private, nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, developmental disability, special education, and social services in the country. A nationwide resource, Sheppard Pratt provides services across a comprehensive continuum of care, spanning both hospital- and community-based resources. Since its founding in 1853, Sheppard Pratt has been innovating the field through research, best practice implementation, and a focus on improving the quality of mental health care on a global level. Sheppard Pratt has been consistently ranked as a top national psychiatric hospital by U.S. News & World Report for more than 30 years.