Addiction & Recovery

Hope, not Dope

Last week, the Berkeley and Eleanor Mann Residential Treatment Center (Mann RTC) students held their annual 'Hope not Dope' assembly. The youth shared their poems, songwriting, and artwork, which capture their recovery process and their understanding of the negative consequences of substance abuse.

Here are some of their powerful, moving pieces:


Drugs aren't just

Alcohol, pills, and weed

This knowledge is not just a want

But a need...

So close to the edge

No one can hear my scream

Yelling for help

It's like I'm stuck in a dream...

Words of an Addict

"I cheat, lie, and steal"

"Because the power of addiction is real"

"Its effects I can't conceal"

"I can't help how I feel"

"It's so hard to deal"

"I wonder if I'll ever heal..."


If you're looking for recovery

I'll lead the way

Work the steps and

You'll live to see another day...

Just for today

Focus on one thing at a time

Don't rush, getting help

Won't cost you a dime.

- Julia V.