The Path to Success

Maintaining your mental health takes time and commitment. This becomes even more difficult for people experiencing homelessness. That’s why at Sheppard Pratt, we seek not only to provide compassionate care, but also to offer the holistic, wraparound support that makes getting care—and following through with it—possible. 

According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, our needs function like a pyramid. Without food, shelter, and safety, it isn’t realistic to believe that someone could prioritize their mental health needs, seek therapy, or get clean from substances. As Sarah Norman, Sheppard Pratt’s Chief of Community Development, says, “Sometimes the best mental health intervention is a home, a job, and a connection to your community.”

That’s why our continuum of care includes more than medication and hospitalization. We connect veterans to housing and employment; teen moms to diapers, childcare, and healthy meals; and autistic or developmentally disabled students to schools where they can thrive.

Below are stories from a few Sheppard Pratt patients and clients who demonstrate this whole-person approach to healthcare and the transformative progress people can make because of it.