Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis and Clinical Considerations for Children and Youth

Join Dr. Justine Larson, Sheppard Pratt medical director of Schools and Residential Treatment, for this webinar in partnership with the Center of Excellence for LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health Equity

This webinar is aimed at practitioners interested in building knowledge to serve transgender and gender diverse children and youth. The use of Gender Dysphoria diagnosis in children and adolescents will be analyzed, and participants will learn how to evaluate and treat a child presenting with gender dysphoria. A parent will share her journey with her transgender child, including lessons learned and implications for clinical practice and work with families. Participants will also learn the importance of evaluating whether the gender dysphoria is being exacerbated in the context of family rejection and how best to support that child/adolescent and family. An opportunity for Q&A will be provided.

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Meet the Expert

  • Justine Larson, MD, MPH

    Medical Director, Schools and Residential Treatment Centers
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, School Psychiatry, Systems of Care