Autism Program

The Autism Program is on our Glyndon Campus, and is a non-graded program serving students ages 12 to 21 with autism spectrum disorder. The team designs a unique schedule for each of our Autism Program students based on his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our experienced staff utilizes evidence-based strategies and a trans-disciplinary approach to teach critical skills in the areas of academics, vocational preparation, social skills, and behavior management.

Our team develops individual behavior plans and conducts preference assessments to determine the likes and dislikes of each student so that we can create a school environment that the student will succeed and be happy in. We recognize that every student’s needs are very different; some require several breaks throughout the day, while others require different academic approaches and opportunities for sensory input. To ensure a healthy school environment, our sensory room doubles as a physical fitness room, providing the students with active and engaging activities, including a ball pit, swings, Wii Fit, and Xbox Kinect. Our students also have the opportunity to engage in some of the Secondary School Program’s vocational classes, developing job skills in our carpentry, horticulture, and culinary classes.

Many students in our Autism Program need structure and consistency to thrive in the school environment, and so we try to limit change where possible. As students near graduation, we work hard to help prepare them for the transition, putting our students and their families in touch with the right agencies and people to explore next steps, employment, and independent living possibilities. We also try to prepare our students’ families as much as possible, providing them with information and advice for next steps post-graduation.

The Glyndon campus is located at 407 Central Avenue in Reisterstown, MD. It is a beautiful, wooded campus with classrooms, clinical and school offices, media center, computer lab, dining hall, auditorium, gym/activities room, and greenhouse.

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Lynn Canterbury, Autism Coordinator

Phone: 410-517-5400
Fax: 410-517-5600

Glyndon Campus
407 Central Avenue
Reisterstown, MD 21136

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