Outpatient Consultation Services

The Trauma Disorders Program provides clinical consultation for a diagnostic evaluation and/or for treatment recommendations. Patients must be referred by outpatient providers for the clinical consultation (we do not have a mechanism for patient self-referrals).

After the provider makes the consultation request, our team will review and follow up to discuss whether a consultation with one of our clinicians would be appropriate. We may ask for additional records prior to the consultation, such as hospital records, testing records, etc. Prior to the consultation, or as part of the consultation, the patient may be asked to complete a self-report screening and/or diagnostic questionnaires. The patient may be asked to return for additional appointments as necessary to complete the consultation process. This can include an appointment for direct feedback to the patient about the outcome of the consultation.

While availability for outpatient consultation is currently limited, please call 410-938-3584 for more information.

Child and Adolescent Consultation Services

Children and adolescents with trauma-based disorders may present with symptoms such as forgetfulness, poor concentration, difficulty paying attention in school, and rapid changes in mood and behavior. Unfortunately, these symptoms are easily mistaken for other childhood disorders.

Early intervention for children and adolescents with trauma-based disorders is critical and may prevent more chronic disability. Our experienced clinicians are available on a limited basis to evaluate children with a known or suspected trauma disorder. We offer:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic consultations
  • Referrals to trauma-informed community therapists
  • Agency consultations
  • Access to the full range of child and adolescent services available at Sheppard Pratt Health System, including inpatient services, child and adolescent day hospitals, and special education programs if appropriate

Please call 410-938-3584 to learn more.