Once admitted to the Neuropsychiatry Program, a new patient will receive an initial evaluation with one of our clinicians (neuropsychiatrist, psychiatrist, nurse, and/or social worker).

The types of evaluations we offer include:

  • A comprehensive neuropsychiatric evaluation
  • A psychiatric evaluation for medication management and/or psychotherapy
  • A psychosocial evaluation for psychotherapy

Upon check-in, we request patients and/or caregivers complete initial paperwork. This may include insurance information, consent forms, and some clinical and medication history. Caregivers or family members may be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire regarding the patient’s history and symptoms.

The patient will then meet with the provider(s) for an evaluation, which may include a review of any current physical symptoms, a neurological exam, and measurement of vital signs, height, and weight. Screening tests relating to mood, sleep, and/or cognition may be administered as well.

When the evaluation and diagnosis are complete, our clinician will collaborate with the patient, along with family members and caregivers as appropriate, to form a treatment plan. Laboratory tests or brain imaging studies such as a CT or MRI may be ordered, and neuropsychological testing may also be recommended.

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