A Great Resource: Books Beyond Words

fallinginlove_book.jpgBooks Beyond Words is a UK-based organization that has developed amazing stories told in pictures. These books were created for those who are cognitively impaired, have a communication problem, or are illiterate or vulnerable because of their lack of understanding or knowledge of life's situations. Those who don’t like to read, or can’t read, often love and are very good at reading pictures. Books Beyond Words works with artists to develop picture books that tell stories solely through imagery, letting the reader tell their own story and explore feelings and relationships. These picture books are the brainchild of an eminent professor of psychiatry of learning disability in London, Dr. Sheila Baroness Hollins.

All of the stories from Books Beyond Words are told in pictures only, although there are words in the back of each book to be used as tools for each parent/teacher working with the child/student. The collection includes a large group of books that can be used to help people emotionally, as well as physically and intellectually. They answer questions, help solve problems, and can be used by children and adolescents, as well as adults.

They also cover a multitude of subjects including: EnjoyingSport.jpg

  • Going to the doctor or dentist
  • Losing someone you love
  • Managing illnesses such as diabetes or seizures
  • The importance of body self-examination
  • Understanding how to make friends
  • The trauma and stigma of sexual abuse
  • The agony of anger
  • The heartbreak of depression
  • The joy of being in love

making_friends.jpgThanks to a generous grant and the help of our philanthropy department, Sheppard Pratt has purchased the entire collection of 41 books, making these materials available to the children on 1H (child neuropsychiatry inpatient unit) as well as the children in our special education programs. These books will allow our kids to learn cognitively and emotionally and grow in a way that they otherwise could not. 

We will use these books in many different ways and with our diverse patient populations. Students will be able to read print or digital copies, participate in book clubs, and perform drama interpretations. Learn more about Books Beyond Word here.