Admission Information:

(410) 938-4654 – Voice

(410) 938-3075 – TTY

The Deaf Adult Program, launched in 2012, is part of the Adult Specialty Unit in the Weinberg Building on the Towson campus of Sheppard Pratt Health System.

The program, which serves adults requiring short-term inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, is environmentally and socially-tailored to affirm the unique psychiatric needs of patients who are Deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened or Deaf-blind. Through this program, we are able to provide a safe and therapeutic environment that is culturally affirmative and linguistically accessible.

Our staff is trained to recognize the diversity not only in our patients’ clinical presentations but also the wide variety of communication and cultural needs. One of the most unique aspects of this program is our adaptability in meeting our patients’ diverse psychiatric needs while addressing various degrees of hearing loss, linguistic abilities, cognition skills and safety.

 Patients most appropriate for care in the Deaf Adult Program are:

  • Adults 18 years or older who require an inpatient level of care
  • Individuals requiring stabilization for acute psychiatric symptoms
  • Individuals requiring psychiatric medication management
  • Individuals requiring psychiatric treatments such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Questions about the Deaf Adult Program can be directed to the Deaf Adult Program Coordinator at one of the phone numbers listed below.

(410) 938-4654 – Voice

(443) 275-5517 – Video Phone (VP)

(410) 938-4632 – TTY

“There is such a tremendous need for a program like this for Deaf people.  I truly benefited from the program.  I have been to other hospitals where I felt like I was less than the other people there.  Here I felt like I belonged.”

-Former Patient, Deaf Adult Program

“I am thankful for the staff, nurses, and interpreters on 2H.  I’m very thankful for the Deaf Program.”

-Former Patient, Deaf Adult Program