At Watch Me Grow, we know that home and school are both important to early childhood development. We use the Brightwheel digital system to ensure there is effective communication between teachers and parents so we can work together in a positive manner. Brightwheel allows us to be paperless, and also gives parents up to date information about what their child is learning during the day.

This app is simple and fun to use, provides information on what your child is doing, opportunities for your child’s teacher to upload pictures throughout the days, ways for you to message your child’s teacher, and ask questions. The daily report helps parents discuss the day with their child. Parents have raved about the ease of using Life Cubby as well as how much information they receive, from how much of their lunch was eaten, to how well they did participating in the art activity that day. Parents feel as if they are part of the classroom with the wealth of information available through Brightwheel!  

Engaging with the kids to help them learn and develop individually as well as engaging with the parents so they don't feel left out. You guys add a personal touch that is not found in other organizations.