LifeLaunch residents are not independent adults. So we don’t treat this process as if it is independent of residents’ family and family life. All major care decisions are explained to and approved by a resident’s family. Family communication is crucial to a successful outcome. Every week, you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s care team as well as opportunities for two to three family therapy sessions. Your child’s social worker, psychiatrist or other provider, and the LifeLaunch program director will touch base with you multiple times per week, not including resident visits and independently of the weekly status update meeting. Our staff is also highly responsive to informal outreach via text, call, or email.

Our goals are not just for the resident, they are for the family too. We provide extensive psychoeducation to resident families. We want families to come out of this process understanding their child’s conditions, symptoms, and behaviors. We can teach you to know how to respond to your child when they are in distress and help you navigate interactions with your children in a positive, productive way.

We encourage family to visit while residents are in our care. We can host Zoom meetings or in-person meetings. Weekend passes for family to take a resident off campus are also common.