We believe in maintaining a calm and safe environment for learning. We meet our students at their level, ensuring that they are comfortable and can communicate appropriately so that learning comes more easily and effectively.

Vocational Training

We understand that our students need more than what a traditional school can provide. We ensure that everything we do is educational, functional, and practical, preparing our students with the tools they will need to excel beyond the classroom. We know that vocational training is crucial for our students, and in addition to our educational curriculum, our students participate in various “jobs” throughout the Center allowing for multiple opportunities for learning skills and problem solving. For example, students collect recycling, vacuum, assist with cooking activities, and even help with purchase orders and delivery. This fosters responsibility and teaches language and daily living skills, while also building practical job skills. We constantly look for ways to teach our students independence, whether it be career readiness or self-care.

Integrative Learning

We teach academics, but we also provide our students with structured and supportive opportunities to experience life, both at school and in the community. To best meet the needs of our students, we use proven practices such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) strategies, core communication, social skills instruction, and sensory integration strategies. Additionally, every week we venture into the community to help our students hone their communication, social, and coping skills as they prepare for their futures with the greatest level of independence possible. Our students benefit from our location within the Central Special Education Center, as they participate in weekly library, art, music, media, physical education, and aquatics classes taught by the Education Center Special Education staff. We also have access to the school’s playground, and participate in school-wide special events such as assemblies and “South Day.” 

Active Learning

We create a welcoming atmosphere at The Forbush School at Anne Arundel South, incorporating fun activities, sensory breaks, and functional learning throughout the day. Our curriculum is hands-on and practical, involving crafts, manipulatives, and technology. The classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and computers which allow our students and teachers access to the internet for current events and supplemental teaching aids. Students can also use computer time as a reward. To help our students reach their full potential, we use structure, routines, pictures, and sequencing to reinforce everything we teach. We incorporate thematic concepts that the students can apply to the “real world” and bring home with them at the end of the day.

We also focus on fitness and motor skills through physical education and aquatics classes, which are offered through the Education Center. We share a sensory/motor skills room that we share with the Education Center. Our students have scheduled breaks and breaks they earned as part of their Behavioral Intervention Plan. During these times, with direct staff supervision, they take power walks in the school hallways or on the playground, as weather permits. They also enjoy playing a game of catch with each other or staff in our classroom to improve their gross motor skills, coordination, and social skills.