When a child or family is referred to us from an outside agency or by simply calling our office, we individually meet with each child and family and assess their needs, strengths, and goals. This enables us to identify those that would most benefit from services, and serve those most at-risk. If we are unable to fully serve a family’s needs, we connect them with community resources and referrals to help them receive the help that they deserve.

Who We Serve

We serve more than 350 children and families each year through our programs at local schools and at our conveniently-located centers. We work with children, youth, and families in various ways to build confidence, form relationships, increase resilience, and help them develop strengths to thrive at home and in the community.

Programming & Services

  • Youth and family counseling: We provide confidential group, family, and individual short-term therapy on an as-needed basis.

  • Tutoring: Our tutoring services cover a variety of subjects and are offered after-school and in the summer at our Gaithersburg center.

  • Drug and alcohol psychoeducation seminars: We assess all youth referred to the program for substance abuse, receive referrals from SASCA for DAES (Drug and Alcohol Educational Seminars) for youth residing in the up-county area. Seminars for youth and families are offered once per month detailing the laws, dangers, and risks associated with the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

  • School-based skills building and psychoeducational groups: We visit local schools, working collaboratively with the administration to evaluate the needs of each community we serve. We run small, structured skills groups focusing on topics such as anger management, social skills, strength building, problem-solving, and more. Participants in each group are identified by the schools, and parents are notified prior to the start of each group.  

  • Parenting classes: We regularly offer community-wide parenting classes on topics such as bullying, social media support, English as a second language (ESOL), and more. We recognize emergent needs in each region, and offer topics on a wide range of subjects.  

  • Summer camps: We know that our children benefit from structure, so when school lets out for summer, we continue to provide programming. In addition to tutoring and counseling services, we also offer ‘Summer Fun’ camps for children up to age nine. These camps provide therapeutic recreational activities, arts and crafts, field trips, and more. During the summer camp sessions, our counselors continuously reinforce social skills and model appropriate behaviors with the kids in fun and creative ways so that they are always learning while enjoying themselves, working towards goals, and staying safe.  

In addition, we provide information and referrals for other programs and community resources for our families; our centers also assist families with accessing other Sheppard Pratt programs. We also provide summer programming, such as our ‘Summer Fun’ camps, and regularly work with our families during times of crisis to help them work towards stabilization.  

As part of the nationally-renowned Sheppard Pratt Health System, we have access to innovative training, technology, and therapies, and can access all of this as needed into our programming. Our services are continuously expanding as needs change, and we strive to allow our communities to understand their full potential. We know that our program works and that individuals succeed when using our services.