Through in-home services in Howard County, youth and families receive the services and support they need to build essential life skills and access effective treatment options in the community.

People Cared For

  • Young Children
  • Children
  • Adolescents

Level of Care

  • Community Based
  • Home Based
  • Outpatient

Payment Type

  • Free

In-home services are designed to help the whole family thrive. In our free, grant-funded six-month program, a licensed therapist comes to the home, provides therapy, teaches skills, and helps family members engage with helpful community resources.

Who We Serve

We serve youth up to age 18 who live in Howard County and their families. In-home services are appropriate for individuals who are eligible for Medical Assistance and need more intensive services than those offered through a traditional outpatient program. 

Our Services

In our intensive, six-month program, youth and their families work with a licensed mental health therapist in their homes. We offer more than traditional outpatient therapy – participating families are empowered to build the behavioral, crisis intervention, and parenting skills they need, while also being connected with effective community resources. 

In-home services are free and voluntary, and the program is grant-funded.  

What to Expect from In-Home Services in Howard County

After a family is referred to us, our therapist will reach out to conduct an intake interview and assessment, and to ensure that the family meets the criteria for, and is interested in, participating.

The in-home services program is an intensive, six-month offering – families work with our therapist once a week during this time. 

Throughout the six-month program, our experienced therapist will come meet with families in their homes, in schools, and in the community; we offer flexible scheduling to ensure that families can participate to the best of their abilities. Care is highly individualized so that we can most effectively address the problems families are experiencing.

During this time, we also facilitate referrals to appropriate community resources including outpatient individual and family therapy, respite care, community support programs, housing assistance, and more. We do this to ensure that referrals are a good fit for the family and that they feel empowered to use these resources.

About the Team

A licensed mental health professional provides all services.

Accessing Care

In-home services are free and voluntary, and are available to Medical Assistance-eligible youth up to age 18 in Howard County and their families. We accept referrals from many sources, including the local school system, private practitioners, the Department of Social Services, and more; families are also welcome to reach out to us directly to obtain services.