Aspire Counseling strives to be an active partner in a community in which all people have access to needed, effective, evidence-based mental health and wellness services.


Aspire Counseling is committed to helping all clients transform their lives and achieve their mental health and wellness goals by developing the skills they need. Our experienced staff offers high quality, evidence-based therapy, holistic services and training in a warm, welcoming and safe environment.


Our Founder, Maryrose Rogolsky, known to the world as “Posey,” founded the agency in 1978. Posey had a vision to start an agency specializing in low cost, high-quality mental health care, to children in need. When she found an empty room in the Rockville Seventh Day Adventist Church and an agreeable Deacon, her vision became a reality. Posey was the Director for 35 years. She retired in 2014, at the age of 83. In March 2018 Posey passed away. She was our “founding mother” and animating force. She cared passionately about using therapy to change and enrich people’s lives. In an interview with the Washington Post in 2013, she said, “The very first day that I saw a patient I thought, ‘This is it.’ I knew what I wanted to do.” She trained generations of other therapists to do the same.

Importantly, Posey envisioned a place that focused on children as well as adults at a time when there was little recognition of children’s mental health needs. She did battle with insurance companies that questioned how five- and six-year old children could have emotional problems, and why their parents needed to be seen. She began a tradition of running weekly therapy meetings for therapists to consult about cases. Importantly, she created a sense of family that is central to the identity of Aspire today.

The County Executive presented her with the Pathways of Achievement Award in recognition of a lifetime of service to the mental health community. Posey’s legacy is her commitment to meeting the needs of the local community.

Today, 40 years later, including two name changes from ‘Child Center’ to ‘Child Center and Adult Services Inc’ to our current name, Aspire Counseling – we remain committed to Posey’s vision – to provide quality mental health care to children and families of Montgomery County.

As of July 1, 2020, Aspire Counseling, has joined the Sheppard Pratt family. We look forward to growing our program under Sheppard Pratt and continuing to serve the health and well-being of our community together.

“The very first day that I saw a patient I thought, this is it! – this is what I want to do.” -Maryrose "Posey" Rogolsky, Founder of Aspire Counseling, 1978