The Mandala Philosophy

Located in the corridor through which patients and their families traverse upon admission to the hospital are 12 mandalas. Each of the mandalas represents one of our organization’s guiding principles. The mandalas were assembled under the direction of the hospital’s art therapists and are comprised of individual art works that were created by Sheppard Pratt staff during a special “studio experience” that commemorated the opening of The Collection of Sheppard Pratt.

Mandala is Sanskrit for circle and, as an art form, represents the circle of belief. These mandalas have incorporated a unique color technique, developed by Roberta Shoemaker-Beal, a pioneering art therapist who once worked at Sheppard Pratt, and the work of Joan Kellogg, another highly regarded art therapist who interpreted the mandala form in terms of the human psyche.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Health System and specialized programs have each adopted one of our 12 mandalas as a visual representation of our organization's guiding principles. The guiding principles that each of these mandalas represent are applied and practiced every day by our compassionate staff.