Hospital Ethics Committee

Sheppard Pratt Health System has a Hospital Ethics Committee as defined by the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation. The Ethics Committee is available for consultations regarding ethical issues pertaining to patient care, hospital policy, or staff relations, and is available to Sheppard Pratt staff, patients, family members, and community members to review cases and concerns. We are also a resource for consultation on ethical dilemmas arising in mental health treatment for practitioners throughout Maryland. The Ethics Committee meets monthly to review cases and provide conclusions to dilemmas that have been posed. However, it is possible for the Committee to provide an urgent consultation in time-sensitive situations. In this instance, we will offer a preliminary opinion urgently, and a final opinion once the urgent consultants review the case with the entire committee at the next monthly meeting. 

The Committee also supports continuing education efforts for the staff and the community on medical ethics topics, and participates in the Maryland Healthcare Ethics Committee Network with similar ethics committees from other healthcare institutions in Maryland. 

To bring an issue to the attention of the Sheppard Pratt Health System Ethics Committee, contact Barb Charen, director of risk management, at 410-938-4291, or Robert Wisner-Carlson, M.D., committee chair, at 410-938-4750.