Consumer Advisory Council

The Sheppard Pratt consumer advisory council is made up of family members, former patients, former students, and employees of the health system. It is a group of people dedicated to improving the quality of care at our health system and enhancing recovery from mental illness and addiction by:

  1. Respecting and listening to those who have received care at our health system, and making improvements to the services we provide and adjustments to our process based on the feedback they receive.
  2. Responding to the human dignity of the people we serve, and enhancing or changing our processes and procedures so that they function at full potential.
  3. Providing input into the care we provide our patients, students, and their loved ones, helping us to increase both our compassion and professionalism, as needed, in order to strengthen long term outcomes.
  4. Improving our quality of care by leading the way to more effective communication between our caregivers and the recipients of our care.

The employees included in the consumer advisory council are members of the health system’s senior staff, including the president and ceo, as well as two patient relations coordinators. Our patient relations coordinators serve as a liaison between patients, families, and staff. They advocate for patients’ rights, act as a point of contact for health system concerns, provide feedback from patients and families to the health system, and serve as a resource for ethical issues and advance directives. Our patient relations coordinators can be reached at 410-938-3706.

The consumer advisory council meets on Sheppard Pratt’s Towson campus monthly. We are always looking for new members to join our council. The only membership requirement is that the person has either received services from Sheppard Pratt or one of our affiliates, is a family member of someone who has received services from Sheppard Pratt or one of our affiliates, or is a family member of one of the students in our special education program. Please contact our patient relations coordinators at 410-938-3706 if you are interested in joining the consumer advisory council.

The consumer advisory council is an extremely important and unique part of Sheppard Pratt Health System. It is their knowledge and advice that helps us to continuously work toward our mission of improving the quality of life of individuals and families by compassionately serving their mental health, addiction, special education, and community support needs.