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The Retreat consists of a 14 bed unit designed for patients seeking a comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatment experience in a psychotherapeutic milieu, unencumbered by the payment policies of third parties. The Retreat offers an elegantly appointed setting for an intermediate length of stay of several weeks to several months.

The Retreat at Sheppart Pratt The Retreat at Sheppart Pratt
The Retreat at Sheppart Pratt The Retreat at Sheppart Pratt

The Retreat offers a multi-disciplinary treatment approach to a variety of psychiatric conditions that can be treated safely and effectively in a voluntary, unlocked environment. Individualized treatment involves at least four elements:

  • psychopharmacological interventions
  • individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • activity therapy, including art therapy and Eastern movement and meditative practices.
  • DBT therapy

The Retreat is located in a safe, comfortable and elegantly appointed setting in a specially renovated space within the Sheppard Pratt Hospital. Each patient is assigned a private suite, inclusive of a bath, with the highest quality amenities. These include individual television with cable access, bedside telephones and internet connection. The Retreat affords patients complete confidentiality and discretion throughout all aspects of their stay.

Patients admitted to The Retreat must function at a level where they do not need a locked unit, seclusion, or restraint. Patients who are acutely suicidal, violent, or acting out in self-destructive ways may be transferred to an inpatient unit with Sheppard Pratt, where such acute problems can be addressed within the safety of a locked unit. At The Retreat, patients have the rights and responsibilities commensurate with an open door and free access to leave the grounds during unscheduled periods.

The Retreat treats patients with a variety of psychiatric diagnoses, such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders and disabling adjustment disorders. The Medical Director assesses the presenting issues of each patient seeking admission to determine their clinical appropriateness for the milieu.

The Dual Diagnosis track at The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt is specifically designed for those patients with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders. It is integrated into the overall Retreat treatment program, and includes individual and group therapies, Eastern movement therapies, medical evaluation, psychopharmacology, as well as an emphasis on 12-step groups for the maintenance of long-term sobriety. The Retreat has counselors, family therapists, and psychiatrists with special training and expertise in the evaluation and treatment of these challenging conditions.

Often, treatment focuses only on the psychiatric symptoms or substance use issues. We believe that for most people, a more comprehensive approach addressing both problems at the same time is the most successful. In addition to the standard Retreat programming those in the dual diagnosis track will be seen in consultation by a psychiatrist with special expertise in addiction medicine, meet with a certified addictions counselor with over 20 years experience, go to a Retreat-based addictions group as well as weekly educational didactics, and have access to 5 different 12-step meetings per day on the Sheppard Pratt campus. For those who need more focused work on their addiction, we work in partnership with the Kolmac Clinic to offer an additional IOP evening program on campus five days per week.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is also offered for the treatment of depression in adult patients. NeuroStar TMS Therapy® was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of patients suffering from depression who have not achieved satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication. TMS Therapy is offered to Retreat residents as well as to outpatients, and is administered by specially credentialed psychiatrists and nurses. Outside psychiatrists referring patients for TMS therapy will continue to be involved in their care during and after the TMS therapy. Click here for more information.

Our philosophy is to treat the whole person in the most individualized, compassionate, comprehensive way possible giving them every opportunity to have a full recovery and get on the road to a happier, more productive life.

All patients should anticipate a minimum stay of 20 days in order to complete the diagnostic assessment. Continued length of stay is determined based on the recommendations of the treatment team and the patient's desire to continue receiving care at The Retreat. Some patients may extend their stay for one to three additional months.

The Retreat does not participate with any insurance plans. All care is privately funded. An initial non-refundable prepayment equal to 20 days must accompany each patient at admission. Subsequently, patients are expected to pay in increments of two weeks in advance of receiving ongoing care.

The daily charge at The Retreat is $2200. This includes all program services and accommodation, as well as professional fees for integral consultations. When TMS and/or the Kolmac IOP are added to the basic Retreat program, these are billed separately. If patients require additional services that are outside the framework of The Retreat, those services will be billed independently by those providers to the patient or their responsible third party.

Ruxton House

The Transitional Living Program of
The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt

Ruxton House is an 8-bed licensed small group home designed for individuals who have received treatment at the Retreat’s residential program, but who need further rehabilitation before they are able to return home successfully. Ruxton House is located in a leafy neighborhood of rolling hills about a 5 minute drive from Sheppard Pratt’s main campus in Towson, Maryland.


Under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Franklin, Medical Director of Ruxton House and Associate Medical Director of the Retreat, and Jennifer Salaverri, LCSW-C, Ruxton House offers residents a supportive, therapeutic, home-like setting where they might continue their treatment as an outpatient with an emphasis on rehabilitation, recovery, improved self-care, and reintegration into the community.

Ruxton House is staffed 24 hours a day by mental health professionals who help residents pursue their outpatient treatment plans, and begin to move away from institutions and toward the community, after an episode of illness. Each week there are 5 core groups offered to Ruxton House residents including psychodynamic psychotherapy, art therapy, relationships, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) lab group, and life skills. Residents are also able to choose 5 other groups per week from a menu available through the Retreat’s residential program based on their individual needs and treatment plans. These therapeutic activities will take place on Sheppard Pratt’s main campus a short drive away, while morning and evening groups at the house will help residents set goals and review their progress at the end of the day. A weekend outing is offered to residents, and case management and weekly medical director rounds help ensure people are moving toward their treatment goals. Ruxton House staff sometimes offers ad-hoc programming depending on the interest level of the residents. These have included exercise groups, yoga, gardening, and music. Each resident will be required to have an outpatient psychiatrist. Individual therapy and a full outpatient DBT program can be accessed through Retreat Outpatient Services for an additional fee.

All care for Ruxton House is privately funded. The first 4 weeks at Ruxton House must be paid at admission and is non-refundable. Stays beyond this initial period must be paid in advance. The daily rate varies on accommodations, ranging between $525-$850 per day, and is inclusive of meals, case management, and core programming. Other treatments including individual sessions, the full outpatient DBT program, TMS, and other offerings are billed separately.

For more information:

Jennifer L. Salaverri, LCSW-C

House Manager


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E-mail the Program Director: Lois Turner

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6501 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21204


Sheppard Pratt is inside the Baltimore Beltway (Interstate 695) off of Exit 25. After you are on the ramp for Exit 25, follow the signs for Charles Street. Proceed south on Charles Street approximately 2 & 1/2 miles. At the sign, turn left into the Sheppard Pratt campus. Continue on Gatehouse Drive and make a right at the stop sign to Sheppard drive. You may enter through Weinberg Building and contact the unit at 410-938-4040.

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