Child and Adolescent Services

Our child and adolescent services serve patients ages four to 18 who need rapid and comprehensive Handbook_girl.jpgevaluation and stabilization during acute episodes, and placement in an appropriate level of care. These services, offered on both our Towson and Ellicott City campuses, as well as through our affiliate partnerships, include inpatient units, day hospitals, respite, residential, outpatient, and special education programs.

Inpatient Services

Our child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric services provide intense assessment, intervention, and treatment to stabilize those in crisis who are in need of monitoring 24 hours a day.

Day Hospital Services

Our day hospital services, also referred to as partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are a step below inpatient hospitalization in terms of level of treatment. They provide daily, intense therapy during the day, but allow the patient to return to their own home in the evening.

Respite Program

Our Respite Program is a residential program for adolescents who do not meet the clinical criteria for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, but have been recommended for a residential treatment center (RTC) and have been unable to access that resource quickly enough.

Residential Treatment Services

We have two residential treatment services available for children and adolescents.

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient level of care is the least restrictive form of therapy, offering long-term treatment and support as the patient works toward healing and recovery.